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Introducing: Wear, What, Why?

This will be an ongoing series where we discuss various aspects around the fashion industry. The topics will range from trends to the seldom talked about aspects of running a clothing company! 


Wear: Ethical Fashion 

Ethical fashion has been a mainstream topic in the fashion industry lately. As social media grows it becomes harder and harder to hide the ugly aspects of a business especially if they are knowingly unethical. Here at Elk we try our hardest to ethically source all of our products, and we support other small businesses as much as possible! We believe mindful sourcing and buying can change the fashion industry and the future for the better. 


So what exactly is ethical fashion? Most people consider ethical fashion to be sustainably made, good quality, and fair trade. This means companies that choose to dump pollutants into waterways and landfills are considered unethical. Same with companies who have unsafe work spaces and use child labor to manufacture their clothing. Many fast fashion companies are considered unethical because of how low their prices are. Low priced goods result from high volume production, which is a cause of mass amounts of waste. Another aspect of fast fashion clothing companies that is considered unethical is the conditions in which their employees work. There have been many reports of unsafe conditions in factories such as lack of air conditioning during summer months causing heat stroke for factory employees. 

Here at Elk, we don't name names but... Google a few common cheap brands everyone knows and loves, you'll see the scandals we are talking about.  


Why does ethical fashion matter? Well, other than the fact it's super messed up that clothing companies with billions of dollars allow workers to get heat stroke during the summer months, ethical fashion matters to change the way people think of clothing. As consumers we often buy recklessly without looking at what's beyond the surface, whether it is good or bad. Not only can ethical producing and sourcing of clothing save thousands of gallons of water a year and stop waste from going into the waterways, it can also benefit by helping out a small business owner who's costs may be higher, but the product quality is better. Being mindful of the process of sustainibility, quality, and production is important because once you pay attention, the ethical but pricier option makes a lot more sense. When you invest in clothes that are made with meaning and quality products, you actually save money over time because you do not have to replace the item as often as you would have to the cheaper version. Also, you don't have to worry that someone on the other side of the globe is being paid unfair wages to make the garment you're wearing. 

Ethically produced clothing is often more expensive than the mass produced items in most common high street stores, however the impact mindful shopping makes, not only benefits those who take the time to do things right, but also decreases your personal burden on the environment. Shopping ethically isn't always the easiest option, and no one is perfect, however being educated and aware of what goes into the clothes your wearing is the first step to making a change on the carbon footprint the fashion industry leaves. 





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