SOUL FOOD: Self Love

It's Monday loves!

The most important way to start your day is with some ~Soul Food~


Self love is a big part of ELK, it's why we do what we do! We want everyone to love their bodies and feel confident rocking the clothes they wear. But a lot of the time we doubt ourselves. We think aren't pretty enough or skinny enough or good enough but I'm here to tell you that that's a big fat lie!!


Body positivity is taking over social media and it's awesome! Everywhere you turn there's someone telling you to love yourself, take care of yourself and help build others confidences up. But while we all try so hard to self love and be body positive, how many of us really truly do? Self love is more than just being body confident or telling yourself 3 things you like about yourself in the mirror. It's about accepting all the tiny parts of YOU. Every last beautiful detail. Loving the way your hair is never perfectly curled, or the freckles dotted across your nose, or how you cackle like a witch when you laugh too hard. It's all about seeing yourself and falling in love with the parts of you that make you who you are.


Self love is so important to your success because once you finally realize how incredible you are nothing can stop you. We are our worst critics but with time and positivity, we can become our biggest fans. Remember to keep lady bossin it up and treat yourself to a bubble bath and a face mask because YOU DESERVE IT GIRL.



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Kill it this weeks babes and remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Inspire and be inspired ✌🏼



** Photography: Samuel Elkins // @samuelelkins
** Model: Charly Jordan // @charlyjordan10
** Van: Keaton Perkins // @keatperk

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