RESPONSIBLE RETAIL: How to Shop Eco-Friendly


Hey babes,

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know that here at Elk (and Witch Wik) we’ve been all about sustainable fashion.

We’ve learned that conscious clothing and consuming is not only possible, but necessary in the world we live in today, and we’re aiming to be a brand that provides a force of goodness, intention and consciousness in the world of fashion. In doing so, we hope to provide YOU with items — new and vintage — that look good, feel good and ultimately... DO good. And though it has been a challenge, it’s one we’re stoked to be taking on.

We believe that the source of our pretty planet's healing lies in the choices we make and the items we wear every single day, not just towards one single outfit purchase. So as a conscious creatives who are passionate about our Mother Earth of a runway, we’ve decided promoting ethical choices and brands that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and oh so relevant, would be the best way to fundamentally “do better” in this industry.

So! Enter MATE the Label - the latest brand working with us in efforts change the way the fashion industry effects people all over the world as well as the environment (with some must-haves coming your way very soon!). Because quite frankly, these important aspects TOTALLY suffer as a result to the way that really cute top is made, sourced and consumed.

So not a trend we’re willing to get behind.


Ladies, did you know that a single synthetic garment can release up to 1,900 microfibers during your weekly washes?! And just like literally everything else, these fibers head straight into our oceans, harming marine life.

Or that 20 million child workers are employed in factories that make your garments? Generating around $150 billion a year in illegal profits?

And that’s only just a tip of the iceberg…

As a part of Elk’s vital mission of creating retail that is responsible, we will be providing you with post updates on these ethical matters, as well as how you can join us in shopping, wearing, and caring for your clothing conciously. 

Consider it a call to action to every inspiring lady out there who wishes to be a part of this process with us; because sustainable fashion is in right now, Elk babes, and if you haven’t been keeping up you should be.

The first of our Responsible Retail series includes our general rules of thumb for how to shop eco-friendly for all of your items.

Here we go!


1. READ those labels, ladies! 

Just like you would before eating something sweet; a garment’s label should be read as well. Be aware of synthetics such as acrylic, polyester and rayon which are known to be some of the worst fabrics that release the most micro-plastic fibers with every single wash.

Look for the good fabrics with natural fibers instead!

Some of our favs include: linen, silk and organic cotton. 


2. Bring your own shopping bag

Next time you head to the mall, bring your own re-useable bag with you. DUH! Some clothing stores out there are STILL using plastic bags. Eye roll. And we know that those plastic bags get stashed in your kitchen somewhere in case you need to “reuse” one, but just always seem to forget to...

Grab yourself a good reusable, sustainable, hemp bag to bring with you when you shop around the mall. Fill it with all of your cute new finds and enjoy a more hassle-free shopping experience while saving the planet at the same time.

It’s a no-brainer, really.


3. Support your local companies

Typically when people see, "Made in the USA", they tend to believe that the item is destined to be expensive. And sure, this may be the case sometimes. But come on, ladies! Quality over quantity, right?

Your locally made items will last you a heck of a lot longer than clothes that are outsourced. And since the quality will be outstanding, you can fill your closet with pieces that will last forever rather than throwing away that $12 t-shirt after a few washes. 


4. Hit up those secondhand sources

Maybe you know a boss babe in your area who has started her own clothing company (hey, Sam!). Maybe a friend told you that she’s been finding the cutest items at her local secondhand store, and that you should check it out too. Maybe a woman a few blocks away is having a serious garage sale. Whatever the case may be, we highly recommend hitting them up.

Used clothes are the best option for keeping our old items out of the waste stream and landfills, as well a great way save a BIG chunk of change on those overpriced items we “need”. In some cases, you can pick up something that still has the tags on it from the original merchant, or new-to-you clothes for just a few dollars.

Worried that used items aren’t as “cute”, “in” or “your style”? Our sister company Witch Wik has you covered for the raddest thrift finds.

Go check 'em out here


5. Stay away from “fast fashion”

Fast “on trend” fashion does so much harm for the environment, it’s hard to know where to start. But what we’ve noticed is that it has a way of encouraging a consumerist society that at the end of the day, is pretty inauthentic and serves little value. Ladies, a steady influx of the latest cute tops, shoes, and whatever else we purchase these days, is just so not necessary. Statement pieces are everything! Which is something we always strive to keep in stock here at Elk.

Also, black, leather and denim will always be timeless, we promise you that.

Do us a favor and take a good, hard look in your closet. Are the items you own items that you can wear five years from now? Or are they just something you just bought to keep up with the latest trends? 


NEXT WEEK we’'ll be sharing our tips on how to care for your garments consciously while being kind to the planet. 

So check back soon, babes!




*images by MATE the Label