Monthly Musings - October 2018


Is it just us or is there something about fall that is just so….enchanting? Fall leaves, sweaters, pumpkins and camping, what’s not to love? As cliche as it sounds, our favorite color is October — a month where everything shows the last of its beauty. It’s like Mother Nature’s grand finale. Break out the pumpkin spice candles to celebrate! 

And of course because of Mamma Earth doing her thang, this means endless inspo arising for all of us here at Elk. We really can’t help it.

So without further ado, we bring to you the musings, vibes, art and trends that are lighting a spark in our campfire this fall:


The 90’s nostalgia never dies. If only we could find a time machine to go back and fully appreciate the looks the decade originated that still inspire us today.

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This month’s Spotify playlist is brought to you by Elk’s very own, Grace Withers.

Thanks, babe! Stoked to have you aboard the Elk team.



All things warm in terms of temperature and colors (because fall, duh..)!

Oakley came out with this collection & we’re obsessed!

Oakley came out with this collection & we’re obsessed!

Simple, yet bold & totally our style..

Simple, yet bold & totally our style..

More 90s looks, sorry not sorry!

More 90s looks, sorry not sorry!


Photo by our babes at Lack of Color Hats <3 If you haven’t already go check out our new arrivals to snag one!

Photo by our babes at Lack of Color Hats <3 If you haven’t already go check out our new arrivals to snag one!



Alright our Libra + Scorpio babes! It’s your time to shine this month. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you…


October focuses on projecting your brilliance out into the world. Yes, everything revolves around you during your birthday month and this is the time of the year when you are actually allowed to be rather self-centered. During this time you will find it quite hard to see things from the other person’s point of view which can cause conflicts with others if other factors are making your ego swell. It is therefore vital you find some form of artistic self-expression as your creative force is at its peak. After October 23 things get a bit lazier and you will feel more like indulging yourself in luxury rather than projecting your energies outward. Still, you are entitled to treat yourself now and again, especially if you have been really burning the candle at both ends while the Sun has been shining in your sign.



October could bring the possibility of your ego dissolving into a puddle and you could feel quite lost.  All you can do really is to surrender into the sea of uncertainty and go with the flow of your unconscious mind. It will feel at times that you are in a waking dream, so pay attention to the images that float in and out of the fog. You might also feel that you need a lot more sleep than usual. What is really happening as you are in a cocoon state waiting to be reborn into your birthday month. Even if you are reading this for your ascendant it still feels the same kind of vibe because you cannot quite access the energizing solar energy while it is skulking in the sign that shadows your rising sign. Worry not as after October 23 you will feel totally refreshed if you are kind to your body and give it the chance to do what it does naturally, rest when it needs rest!

Check back in November for more inspiration, horoscopes, music, and trends! 


The ELK Team

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