Monthly Musings: January 2018

Here at ELK we have decided to create Monthly Musings! This is a collaborative effort from the whole team on what gets us ticking and inspired! Enjoy the occasional collage, our favorite reads, tunes, and so much more!


Photo Vibes -


We are feeling moody tones and film inspired photos right now! If you enjoy shooting in these styles, slide into our DM’s.


Books, Blogs, and other things -


Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow

If you’re in the mood for an existential mind crisis, read this now.


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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Pretty sure this is the most Instagrammed book other than Milk & Honey but trust me it’s SO worth the read that lies beyond the photogenic cover.

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How Successful People Think by John Maxwell

This book is perfect for those who want to change their mindsets but don’t have the time to climb a mountain and meditate for a month straight.


ELK Dream Girls


I believe it’s a safe assumption to say instagrammers are classified as bloggers! Check out these two total ELK Babes this month - @babynative & @sonyaesman . These ladies help fuel the creative wave at our ELK Breakfast Chats (we are like the breakfast club but everyone has boobs.)


Shower Jams  -

Below you will find our shower, car, and work jams. This playlist was put together by our guiding light and the cool older sister everyone wishes they had, Sam! Also, Ok Computer by Radiohead is on REPEAT as we put together some new schemes.


Check out Sam’s playlist by clicking here .


Emma’s Conspiracy Corner -

I’m making this tab for my own enjoyment so I can share my passion for conspiracies with someone other than my mom. My biggest fascination lately is the Great Pyramids. If you wanna dip your toes in, watch “The Pyramid Code” on Netflix. Ancient Egypt is the sh!t you guys. If you wanna chat conspiracies hit me up. I’ll stay up til 5 am going through Reddit Forums with you.


Check back next month for more inspiration, babes, and books!


P.S Please indulge my passion for conspiracies my Mom no longer will.



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