Monthly Musings - August/September 2018


Happy summer, Elk babes! Things certainly have heated up since our last “Musings” post in February. From new and noteworthy biz partners, squad members, jumpsuit sets, and everything in between, we’ve been up to our ears in all things Elk. But we thought it would be downright selfish NOT to share all the inspo, musings, vibes and trends we’ve been grinding and groovin’ with lately.


So check ‘em out! Feel the love. Let us know your thoughts and own personal favs in a comments below.


Photo Vibes:

Could be the summer heat. Could be because Mercury is in retrograde. Could be…well…because it’s who we are. But this month, the feels are nothing shy of sassy and badass-y! 


Books, Blogs + other things:


If you’ve been following us on Instagram or sneaking a peak at our sister co., Witch Wik, you know that lately we’ve been about all things ethical and recyclable. For those of you on board with us and ready to also make a dent in saving our pretty blue dot, start with this book.


Elk Dream Girls (and guys!):


This month’s IG dream accounts are from @jordenkeith and @fahdess, and for good reason. Both accounts feature raw art in both the photo and caption, that you simply can’t help to resonate with it.


Movin’ & Groovin’:


We’ve updated our “All The Feels” playlist over on Spotify! Give it a listen for some classic nostalgia.




Where our Leo + Virgo babes at?! August is all about you. Listen up!



A sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction puts your focus on communications and information, but beware of misunderstood messages and other types of disconnects. Mercury retrograde likes to cause problems, but staying alert and on top of your communications game will help you avoid its usual tricks.

A sun-Saturn retrograde trine on the twenty-fifth pushes you to set more goals, but frustration could set in when you encounter what seems to be more than your fair share of roadblocks and obstacles. Is the universe out to get you, or is there more you can do? Dig in and fight.



The sun enters your sometimes-rigid sign on August 23, but you can’t see what’s wrong with following the rules and striving to be on time. You might have a critical or limited viewpoint for the next month or so, but if you get results doing things your way, there isn’t much others can say about it!

A Venus-Pluto retrograde square complicates your love life on the twenty-sixth, mainly when you can’t get over jealousy or possessiveness. If this is something you often struggle with, it might be time to figure out why.


Check back next month for more inspiration, horoscopes, babes, and books!




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