TRENDS: How to Keep Your Cool this Summer


It's Monday holllaaaa

I hope you all treated your pretty selves this past 4th of July week! This summer we've been seeing a ton of trends and we've been dying to tell you guys our top three favorites! 


Simple basics:

Simple, neutral tees are a staple this summer ( just like our honey tee 😉)  be on the lookout for basics with a fun twist. A tee with slits on the side, or a tank with a low cut back will help bring just that little bit of detail
to make any simple summer look that much better.


Metallics, Silks and Satins:

Metallics are everywhere you look! From swimsuits, to shoes, to skirts adding a metallic piece to your outfit will help bring a retro vibe that will be sure to make all eyes on you. 


Anything but ordinary flats:

We've been seeing sandals and flats with amazing detail! Patterns and platforms are must haves. Don't be afraid to try a shoe that stands out. Having crazy, fun shoes in your wardrobe will make any outfit you have that much more unique and creative.


Don't be afraid to make trends your own! Adding your own flair and style to what's trending makes your look unique and true to who you are. Something I think many of us have said is "I could never pull that off" which is never true. You can wear whatever you want! It's all about confidence and being comfortable. Push yourselves a little bit and try wearing something you typically wouldn't, you might just surprise yourself.


Inspire and be inspired✌🏼️

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