How To Effortlessly Style Like The Elk Babes


Here at Elk, we’re all about that edgy-meets-comfort sort of vibe.

We feel our most chill while wearing a vintage, extra-loved tee with a bomb pair of jeans. A flirty jumpsuit with a some worn-in Vans. A flow-y sun dress with a messy up-do. 

Like we just color-coordinated your bookshelves… then treated ourselves with a 90-minute bath. Like our to-do list is a mile long… but we’ve got an extra-chill yoga session penciled in. Like we did your own taxes a month early… from the comfort of our hammock.

Of course, certain occasions DO require that we look more, well… “put-together” but we sure as HELL don’t believe comfort or style should ever be sacrificed. Like ever. 

But we do understand that pulling off the effortless, yet stylish look, can sometimes turn into a full-blown wardrobe explosion. So the Elk babes are here for support.

Here are some of the ways we’re stylin’ our favorite, go-to Elk pieces:


Leave it to Sam to be the only person who can actually pull off an Olsen Twin vibe better than the Olsen Twins. The Tatum Cardigan, paired with a simple pair of white linen pants and booties takes effortless chic to a whole new level.


As the Brand + Business Manager of Elk, Mer wears The Loewe Blazer insanely well. Paired with shorts and pointed-toe booties, she’s nailing this edgy, boss babe look.


Maroon on black. There’s something about this simple color-combo that speaks for itself. Overalls are SO fun (and SO ‘90s, which we adore), but they can become an overkill when paired with TOO much patterns or layers underneath. We love how our Copywriter, Emma wears The Klein Overalls as a statement piece here…


Ah, loungewear. How we will forever keep pushing your limits in wearing you outside of the house. Mer, mixing’ up the Pink Floyd Tee with the Between The Sheets Pant is serious cozy vibes. This girl just gets it.


Grace is our go-to babe when we need a model to come through and show off Elk’s latest goodies. We don’t know how she does it, but she can make thrift finds look hella chic, fashionable and just down-right badass. Grace styled one of our Witch Wik finds with the Old School Mini Overalls and is yet again… killin’ it.

Here’s to looking good and feeling good, friends! Check out all our new arrivals here.

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