Getting To Know Our New Arrivals


Alright Elk babes, here’s the deal. We’re sure you’ve noticed our new arrivals. Honestly though, how could you not?!

You ALSO may have noticed from our previous blog posts that here at Elk, we actually give a crap about Mama Earth and ethical fashion.

Organic cotton. Low impact dyes. Energy-saving production. This past season’s new arrivals have been powerful to say the least.

We partnered with the best names in ethical fashion, picked out our favorite styles to give you an earth-friendly upgrade, and we can’t wait till you try ’em (spoiler alert: you’ll look great and feel even better).

Curious about what’s going on with every new item? Here’s the scoop…

The Bailey Boxy Tee

Our fave new tee is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. What does that mean exactly? Well, organic GOTS cotton helps to sustain healthy soil, ecosystems, and people (like you), by using a natural process rather than toxic chemicals when producing. This badass of a tee is free of any pesticides, insecticides and toxic dyes; meaning, it’s SO much better for your body when you wear it, sleep in it, sweat in it, etc.

Don’t worry babes, we got you!


The Hunter Henley

Not only is this thermal is an après ski MUST, but it’s doing wonders for our precious planet as well. Made from super soft waffle knit, 100% certified organic ring spun cotton, the Hunter Henley has a complete eco-friendly garment-dyed color. Meaning, none of that lovely pink color will bleed onto your whites when you wash ‘em together, nor will any yucky toxic dyes bleed out into our pretty blue oceans.



The Kayden Sweatpant

Considered to be one of the most lush fabrics, the new Kayden Sweatpant is made with French Terry Cotton, a.k.a. HELLA absorbent and the perfect pant for those wet, snowy winter days. They’re dyed with fiber reactive dyes in a closed loop system where the water is continuously recycled. Saving water while making cute, cozy clothes…? Um, YES. Cheers to that!


Our latest new batch of arrivals are 100% made in the US. Not only will items that are made locally last you a heck of a lot longer than clothes that are outsourced, but they’re ethical. Better quality clothing means filling your closet with pieces that will last forever, rather than throwing away that cheap, ratty t-shirt after a few washes (way bad for the planet). PLUS, allllllll the packaging, money, and labor that goes into shipping? ARE WE KIDDING?! Ugh. Stay conscious, Elk babes, and cozy up with our latest, planet lovin’ goodies!

Our new arrivals will leave you feeling extra good & Mama Earth feeling super happy.

Shop ‘em here!


The ELK Team

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