ELK Roots

Hello sunshine ☼ 

Welcome to our blog! We're so excited to have it up and running and can't wait to share all of our insights on fashion, healthy life styles, women empowerment and of course all things ELK! Curious about our name? Logo? Background? Keep reading along for deets on all the little things that makes ELK well.... ELK!


First Step: Naming the Brand

Sam and Kiley were looking for a simple, cheeky, one syllable word to give life to the brand. After hours of google searches, brainstorming and raiding make up counters for clever ideas. The name finally seemed obvious. They eventually started taking last names of people they knew and shortening them to see if anything stuck and ta da!! ELK was born. (Shout out to Samuel Elkins muwaha). 

Step 2: Logo 

You might be wondering what our logo means and how it ties ELK all together. The two open triangles stacked on top of each other is a symbol for an openness to change and is stacked in a way to resemble the head of an elk. The idea of change is highly important to Sam and Kiley because of how they started ELK. By going rouge and abandoning everything they've been taught, to pursue a dream they had to be open to new ways of thinking.

Step 3: Passion

Sam and Kiley's art form has always been fashion. Sometimes fashion is overlooked as being art but what you decide to put on in the morning before you head out into the world, or walking into a store and brainstorming beautiful outfits together is art. It's the purest sense of inspiration. Clothing shows how you're feeling that day and expresses your sense of self. ELK's goal is to bring back to life the realization that fashion is creative. It's a living, breathing art form because YOU are art. ELK's vision is to help other creatives who are just like Kiley and Sam find their passion and become inspired by pulling their creativity out and helping it grow.

The ELK team is so excited for this journey and couldn't be happier that you lovelies want to come along for the ride. Check back every Monday for new blog posts and follow our insta, Twitter, and Spotify for daily inspo and updates on everything ELK! Have a killer week babes

Inspire and be inspired ✌🏼️



Sam Hobson