Elk Babes: Jessie and Hannah

A couple months ago Megan and myself got to hangout at the coolest warehouse ever (shout out to @themowgster) and Megan styled them in some Elk! Enjoy some snaps that made it onto social media, and some that have not yet been seen!

Hannah and Jessie hail from Southern Utah but Jessie's art show sent them our way north for the weekend. The ELK team has been googly-eyed for them for months so, naturally, we HAD to meet up. What better way to hang out then to shoot some stellar clothes with some even radder people? Trust us... These babes are even more bad ass in person. 


Hannah is a total dream who snaps the coolest moments and shares them on her Instagram @hannahlyal. She also listens to killer music and takes the coolest adventures.  

Jessie @j__kid__has the most amazing creative mind, and also a head of hair that rivals Sam's, seriously. She experiments with various media forms and creates colorful energizing paintings. Keep reading for an interview with her about her art! 


How long have you been doing art?

 My whole life, I found a love for it in highschool because I was considered a nobody. I was sitting in Spanish class and I drew a weird looking mouth and it was something I'd never seen before and I started from there and developed my style out of boredom, I didn't know what my hands were creating, it was all a new language to me. 

Who is an artist you always go back to?

My favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Matisse, and Leonardo Da Vinci. I'm in love with their work, everything is so different and yet so complex. 

Where do you pull inspiration from? 

I don't really pull inspiration from anywhere it's all muscle memory. I think my anxiety plays a huge part in what I put on paper. My work is strictly anxiety driven madness, colors make me feel happy and complete. I like to incorporate youth into my work, I want it to spark childlike creativity in viewers. 

Describe your art style with a song?

Oh that's a hard question art and music go hand in hand, my favorite thing to do is blast my tunes and create, create, create! I'd have to say that "I'm God" By Clams Casino would describe my art perfectly it's one of the most important songs I've heard and I hold a lot of emotion for it, just like my art. 

Jessie's Art Account : jkid_art_ 




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