Easy Tricks to Help Add "Staying Healthy" on that Endless To-Do List

Most of us can agree that life gets WILD. You know that meme that lists: Work, School, Sleep, Social life and you can only pick 2? Yeah, that is the most relatable ish ever. Here at ELK, we are feeling the burn of the endless chaos called life and we decided it was time we picked up some habits that make our minds and bodies happy while we continue to chase the stars and reach our goals. We figured, if we needed this list, everyone else could probably use it as well! Enjoy loves- 

Photo by Breckell Robinson

Photo by Breckell Robinson

  1. Drink Water - This sounds so cheesy but its so important. If you work a desk job set a reminder on your phone every hour to get up and chug some water! If  you’re constantly on the go, take a liter sized water bottle around and fill it when you can!

  2. Sit up straight - Sitting up straight engages your core and back far more than anyone realizes. Staying active while working a desk job can be hard, this can help engage your muscles during work!

  3. Switch out your afternoon cup of coffee - Honey, lemon, and hot water make a yummy healthy tea. Your afternoon cup of coffee does more harm than good, especially if you indulge in a latte.

  4. Plank - The worst exercise in the world but seriously so effective. Try planking for two minutes every morning and night, that’s basically just cutting down on your instagram time.

  5. Walk when you can - Not only is this good for the environment but its good for you. If you’re meeting a friend for coffee and it’s only half a mile away, plan your time so you can take a walk instead of driving.

  6. Hold yourself accountable - We all indulge in a burrito far more often than we should *Cough, Kiley Money* but subbing that burrito out for a quinoa salad or pita sandwich feels way better.

  7. Last but not least, make time for yourself - Health isn’t always a body shape or muscle definition. Taking time to do the things you love is so important for all aspects of your health.

Photo by Breckell Robinson

Photo by Breckell Robinson


We hope these simple tips and tricks keep you on that boss train while keeping a happy mind and body.

Until next time babes....

xoxo emma 

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