Better Late Than Never - An Elk Holiday Gift Guide


So the tree is decorated, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and everything is ready for the holiday season… buuuuut you still need to buy a few last-minute presents.


Christmas is less than a week away, people! And chances are you have a holiday get-together coming up in the next few days that you’ll need a gift to bring along to show some love. If you’ve ever fallen prey to a last-minute liquor store run (or straight up re-gifting a bottle of wine you received), you’ll want to pay attention to today’s post.

Now don’t worry, we’re not callin’ you out! We’ve all been guilty of a re-gift. Life is busy and Christmas comes in hot, we get it. And because of that, we’ve found the best gifts that you can easily throw into your cart this week, and we’ll ship ‘em to ya pronto! From cozy sweaters and beanies to the chicest holiday dresses, keep scrolling to see how to make last minute gifting for the Elk babes in your life feel special…


Sam's 3 Piece Cozy Set

Whether your Elk babe is studying for her exams, lounging Après ski, or cozying up for a holiday vaca, this three piece PJ set is all she needs. The good news is the tank, cardigan, and pant are sold as a set! So basically, your Elk babe gets a three-in-one. You’re welcome.

Shop the set here


Pretty in Pink Oversized Scarf

If only scarfs were acceptable to be worn year-round, this one would be our go-to. It’s super cozy and adds a vibe to any sort of winter outfit. Our advice? Snag one for yourself while you’re at it, too.

Shop it here


Lyla Mini

Simple, yet chic — the Lyla Mini is a classic. Whoever you gift this for will absolutely love it! Perfect for any holiday party, including NYE. We 10/10 recommend.

Shop the dress here


Bungalow Sweater

Simply put, every lady in your life loves a cozy and timeless sweater. It’s a no-brainer. The best part? This baby is made in Bali, Indonesia! 100% acrylic (for that eco-friendly pal you’re clueless how to shop for), and a sweater truly made for a Sunday by the fire in your bungalow.

Shop it here


The Satin Midi Slip

This satin slip is an absolute wardrobe essential for any boss babe. Not only is it perfect for just about every holiday occasion, but for any sort of year-round event, too! And we’re diggin’ it paired with a leather jacket. Trust us, this one’s an easy gift.

Shop this dress here


Ultra Fluff Beanie

Let’s talk stocking stuffers. They’re easy, they’re fun, they’re sometimes the best gifts out of ‘em all. This Ultra Fluff beanie is no different. We love the look and feel of it, in both tan and red.

Shop it here

There you have it Elk babes, your last minute holiday gift guide. Get ‘em while you can! We’re starting to hear the bells ringing, and it’s not just our “New Arrivals” alarm this time..

Happy Holidays from all of us at ELK!


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