An Elk 1990s Style Guide

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Here at Elk, we believe that the dream of the 90s are still alive. From the Hansen boy’s (you know, “Mmmbop”) long hair, and Britney’s pig tails, to Freddy Prince Jr.'s side burns, Jesse Katsopolis’ edgy attire, to chunky shoes, Tamagotchis hanging from belt loops, the Olsen Twins’ fashion secrets, and everything in-between — the ’90’s was one of the happiest, weirdest, iconic and fashion forward eras ever

Fashion in the 1990s was all about comfort and freedom. Trends were laid back and casual and inspired by the new age of alternative rock music and TV shows. Regardless of what decade you were born in, it seems everyone has a soft spot for the ‘90s. But for us actual ‘90s born and raised babes, it’s not just a soft spot — we’ll wear our grunge-y plaid and a witchy velvet to the grave, thank you!

So of course, we’ve put together the ultimate ‘90s-inspired style guide for all of the signature items you need to own like it’s still 1997 (ayeeee!), because these puppies are still shaping fashion as we know it today, Elk babes. AND for your nostalgia, we accompanied it all with a list of must-watch ‘90s movies to refresh your style memory on just how iconic these pieces really are.

Enjoy, loves!

Scrunchies, scrunchies, scrunchies 

The ’80’s may have originated the scrunchie, but the Full House sisters perfected it. Take one scroll through your Instagram feed to see every fashion blogger lately has been owning the scrunchie, on wrists and in hair. And thank goodness, because we were sad to see this one go! When you’ve run out of things to wear, they’re such an easy way to bring life to an otherwise dull outfit. And as a doubly effortless update to laid-back, can’t-be-bothered, cool girl hair.

And with that, we rest our case.

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Winona Ryder is, and will forever will be the grunge queen. Some even say she’s the Audrey Hepburn of the ‘90s, putting some of the biggest decades biggest trends on the map. Replicate her look by wearing a leather jacket with a plain white t-shirt underneath, and a pair of Dr. Martens, or some loafers you may or may not have got in the men’s department.

If in doubt, just wear something velvet. 

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The effortless jean jacket

If you’re looking to ooze classic ‘90s vibes, a jean jacket is a no brainer to add to your wardrobe. To be honest, the denim jacket never really went away — just sort of became more bedazzled, acid washed, and cropped cut throughout the early 2000s.

But as of late, the specific styles and washes of the ‘90s are poppin’ back up with a vengeance, leaving bloggers and celebrities all bringing back the statement piece that defined the ‘90s.

Bodysuits galore

In the early ‘90s, leftover trends from the ‘80s like leggings and leotards were still in style. And today, after taking a bit of a hiatus, they’re making quite the comeback! Give this trend a try by wearing a black bodysuit with a printed or bold skirt (like our new national mini) belted at the waist with classic penny loafers.

For style inspiration, any early season episode of the show “Friends” will do. Rachel Green is notorious for wearing plenty of leotards with maxi skirts or statement pants.

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As promised, the most epic list for your movie marathon night this fall. Take notes if you haven’t already ‘90s babes! These are the classic must-sees: 

10 Things I Hate About You

She’s All That


Reality Bites

Dazed And Confused

Never Been Kissed 


American Pie

Congratulations on growing up (almost) our fellow 90's babies. And please comment below your favorite ‘90s style inspo! We are all ears (insert heart eyes).

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