Boss Babe Moment: Meet Artist Lauryn Barton


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Last time we talked about supporting your fellow women, helping them develop their aspirations and build their confidence. Every woman is a lady boss in their own right and
I recently had a chat with my good friend Lauryn Barton to talk to her about her art, inspirations and goals. If you don't already follow her art account, follow @laurynbarton_art. This babe is seriously killing the game.


What is your earliest memory of feeling inspired by art?

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, I probably started loving painting my sophomore year. I took an art class in high school and I was always fascinated by the beauty paintings had. Acrylic and oil are my favorites to paint with too so I thought I'd give it a try! 

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Where do you find inspiration?

In everything. Dancing, music, others art. I want to paint feelings and emotions. What I'm feeling in the moment helps. If im sad, I want to correlate that into my art. I want someone to be able to look at it and feel what I felt in that moment. Hopefully they can relate to it too. Seeing what other people put onto a blank canvas inspires me. I love to see people putting their emotions and what the love on something so empty to begin with. They transform a blank subject into something amazing. 

Why do you love art?

I paint for an outlet. I love being creative and sharing my emotion in a drawing. I don't care what people think about my art. I do it for me and hopefully to inspire others and that's what matters to me. 


Who is your muse?

Georgia O'keeffe and Frieda Kahlo. They were so confident and weird and painted pictures of naked women and threw their feelings on a canvas, they are the ultimate lady bosses. Frieda Kahlo got in an accident and she always drew pictures of bones and bodies. They used their real, raw emotion. Van Gough is also really inspiring.His quotes and the way his mind worked blow me away. My favorite quote by him is "Surely a canvas I've covered is worth more than a blank one. This, dear lord, is all I have my right to paint, my reason for painting and believe me, my pretensions get no further."

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What advice would you give to other people who want to share their art?

I didn't show anyone my art for a really long time because it was always really personal. If it means something to you, you should share it. It can inspire so many people. Art is people pouring their souls on a canvas and no matter what it is, you can always find inspiration from it. 


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