If it’s a new year but you’re the same mess you were a month ago, this one’s for you.

If it’s a new year but you’re the same mess you were a month ago, this one’s for you. For whatever reason there’s a misconception that at 12:00 AM on January 1st the stars will align and your life will fall into place, kind of like the misconception that the minute you turn 13 you automatically get boobs.Obviously we need to stop letting liars tell us how to live our lives.  As a general hot mess and an avid user of WTF I probably shouldn’t tell you how to get your life together, but maybe I can help you at least breathe while you wait for someone else to tell you how to get your sh!t together?


1. Set a goal.

Make it easy “Put pants on instead of that dirty pair of leggings because you GOT THIS” People who wear pants probably have real people jobs and people with real jobs have their lives together so like… duh.


2. Try something new.

Maybe wash your dish right after you use it instead of letting them pile up for a week and a half as you anxiously bite your nails thinking about how much time they are going to take to wash. Overall decluttering and cleanliness will fool people into believing you are far more put together than you are. Pro tip - Your mom was on to something when she would yell at you to make your bed. I promise.


3. Realize that you can change yourself at any moment of any day!

If on June 27th at 2 pm you realize that you are entirely new person and are going to create a new reality for yourself EMBRACE IT! Change can happen whenever and wherever you want it. Don’t be down on yourself if your goals change. Life is fluid! Remember that.


4. Buy a new outfit.

This is a two step process. First, pay rent for January (your roommate will thank me later.) Next, click on the shop tab because your here anyway and what better way to start your year by helping other people pay rent. Sharing is caring ladies and gents!


That’s all for now